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airspace authorization

  1. T

    Question about class D airspace over Los Alamitos Army Airfield

    Hey all, Hoping that the more experienced amongst you might be able to help me clarify an issue. I live in Southern California, near Los Alamitos Army Airfield (KSLI). Where I live is class G (uncontrolled) airspace, but according to Aloft a large portion of the airspace surrounding where I...
  2. SkyGrid

    Looking for feedback: all-in-one airspace management system

    Hi Pilots, We are looking for direct feedback from drone pilots and commercial operators to test our beta application.We are launching a new app on all iPhone and iPad devices: SkyGrid Flight Control The all-in-one drone app provides a complete solution to manage your entire drone workflow...
  3. Albatross Aerial Imaging

    Wait time for Part 107 Airspace Authorizations

    Hello All, Has anybody had any recent experience with the FAA in getting a 107 airspace authorization. I have a client that is looking for some photos of their property but it happens to be within a class D. I’m just curious what your wait time was like after submitting the application? Thanks
  4. E

    San Diego Presentation - Ask the UAS Drone Experts Live

    Ask the UAS / UAV and Drone Experts Live Date and Time:. Wednesday, December 20, 2017, starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: This is your chance to Ask the Experts in Panel Discussion Recreation / Hobby, Commercial, & Public...
  5. Calhoun Ranger

    Airspace authorizations and newer firmware

    I recently crashed my Mavic beyond repair due to pilot error. Can't blame the Mavic one bit, just a split second lacking "situational awareness" on the part of the pilot, me. I have a replacement Mavic on the way which I intend to update all the way up. I have a standing airspace...