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  1. M

    FAA Sheds Light on Local Drone Regulation with Updated Fact Sheet - local regulations?

    I just read an article, in Clearing the Skies: FAA Sheds Light on Local Drone Regulation with Updated Fact Sheet on the new FAA Fact Sheet, and was curious if the FAA has resolved any of...
  2. SkyGrid

    Looking for feedback: all-in-one airspace management system

    Hi Pilots, We are looking for direct feedback from drone pilots and commercial operators to test our beta application.We are launching a new app on all iPhone and iPad devices: SkyGrid Flight Control The all-in-one drone app provides a complete solution to manage your entire drone workflow...
  3. J

    How to estimate likely alt of manned aircraft landing

    I flew near an airport the other day, about 3 miles away. It was class E and I did the dji unlock zone thing. It was a somewhat overcast day, and I did not see or hear anyone using the airport for the two hours I was out there. It occurred to me that I don't know what the ranges for approach...
  4. S

    Sectional Chart Question- "For reasons of National Welfare Pilots Are Requested to Avoid Flights Below 2400 MSL"

    Hello All, Has anyone seen a notice on a sectional chart similar to this? This is an area just south of Charlottesville, VA. I was hoping to fly my drone right around Batesville (on the map). I am Part 107 certified and the property on which I'd be flying is owned by the company I work for, so...
  5. E

    San Diego Presentation - Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018

    Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018 Date and Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: 14 CFR Part 101 and Part 107 FAA sUAS Rules covered. This includes: Recreation, Public Use and...
  6. I

    Since when does National Trust Own Airspace?

    National Trust look after many UK Landmarks, since when do they get to control the airspace?
  7. Calhoun Ranger

    What would you do?

    This is a serious question to 107 certificated remote pilots. Given the following scenario, what would you REALLY do? Outskirts of Class E SFC airspace, where it is against the FAA regulations to even get a drone off the ground. A group very interested in drones want to see the drone fly. Even...
  8. L

    Using Airspace in Autopilot - question on Network

    Hi - I'm a newbie to the Mavic. I had the Phantom 2 but, honestly, didn't use it much mainly because of the size and portability so now I hope to get into this a lot more. I understand Airspace (in the Autopilot app) but I am unclear on the Network connection option. I understand the...