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  1. B

    Mini Alberta camping

    From my camping trip couple weeks ago.
  2. R

    Red Deer, Alberta

    Hello fellow pilots! Sadly, I have doscovered this wonderful group as I search for “DJI Care Plus flyaway claim denied - what to do”. Have any of you had a claim get denied? What did you do? Is there an appeal process? Once I am back in the sky I would love to fly with anyone in central...
  3. mtsprocket

    Hello from park central Alberta.

    Totally spoiled, got a mini for Christmas. Not 100% new to flying as I get to fly all my SOs really fabulous drones, but we're in different countries, so now I can continue flying at home. On the edge of park central, so you have to pay attention to the rules, I'm not going to be the asshat...
  4. Mykie

    First video ever: M2P river valley

    Just learning. M2P
  5. CYQL Flyr

    New from Southern Alberta.Canada

    New MP pilot from Southern Alberta. Purchased a used MP from a forum member on here. Great experience. (BTW.You know who you are) Thanks:) Here's a Southern Alberta sunset I got the other day.
  6. CYQL Flyr

    Lethbridge. Ab

    How many pilots from Lethbridge and area on here
  7. P

    Discover Edmonton in 3 Min. - 4K Sights/Attractions (ALL Mavic aerial/ground footage)

    Hi all! Here’s a fairly quick Edmonton sights/attractions travel-type video in 4K, shot purely by drone. It seems that not all clip transitions got exported and some are broken. Either way, do check it out! This little solo project of mine has been a LOT of work and more challenging than my 71...
  8. FakeRaven

    Lessard Lake, Alberta Canada

    Took a few shots from my family's lakelot near Cherhill in Alberta. Not particularly exciting, but the area is quite lovely. Taken at around 90M. Cheers!
  9. FakeRaven

    Flying everywhere in Alberta

    started flying last month! I like to get up in the air at every opportunity, but I'm not huge into photography. I'm more about the experience of flying. I really enjoy the relaxation of cruising and taking in the view, but it's the tense moments of flying that I enjoy the most. I won't fly in...