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  1. maurotandoi

    3 Glacier Fellaria, Alps | HDR

  2. maurotandoi

    Mini 3 8 minutes with DJI MINI 3 PRO on Mars

  3. M

    2 Pro silent moments in the german Alps - Winter Wonderland

    … the first Snow in this Winter …
  4. maurotandoi

    3 EXPLORING AN ABANDONED NATO BASE with Drone | DJI Mini 3 Pro & DJI Mavic 3 Classic | Travel Journal

  5. c.oberschneider

    3 The Beauty of Autumn in the Alps in HDR

    Took the Mavic 3 Classic to the scenic Gastein valley in the heart of the Austrian Alps to capture the beauty of the last days of autumn. Shot in 5.1K 50 HLG, color grading done with Color Finale 2 Pro in FCPX. Enjoy! Soundtrack: Michael FK - Holding Back (Artlist)
  6. c.oberschneider

    3 Mavic 3 Classic in the Alps - Alpine Yoga (5.1K HDR)

    First flight with the Mavic 3 Classic in the scenic Gastein valley in the heart of the Austrian Alps, capturing the beauty of the last days of autumn in combination with yoga. Shot in 5.1K 50 HLG, color grading done with Color Finale 2 Pro in FCPX. Enjoy!
  7. maurotandoi

    Mini 3 DJI MINI 3 PRO follows a man SEALFE, Alps, Sport, Italy

    DJI MINI 3 PRO -
  8. maurotandoi

    2 Pro Where The Light Goes (backstage day 2)

    A behind the scenes look at my latest work in the Orobian Pre-Alps. titled "Where The Light Goes" (in the works, these are some behind the scenes footage to share with you both my passion for mountains and drones)
  9. maurotandoi

    Mini 2 Min2 in the Alps, Italy

  10. maurotandoi

    2 Pro [4K] - Orobie, Alps in Winter w/m2pro

  11. rikk08

    2 Pro Austrian Alps - Mavic 2 Pro

    Austria is one of the most stunning countries in the world. Enjoy this short, cinematic 4K video from a few days spent in Austrian Alps while driving around Austria's most beautiful regions. Watch in 4K definition and let me know what you think in the comments below Shot on the DJI Mavic 2...
  12. O

    Air 2s This is why you should visit Croatia

  13. Maik Kellerhals

    2 Pro Hiking at Flumserberg in Switzerland

    A great landscape with nice weather and some clouds. Perfect credentials for a nice flying day ;)
  14. M

    Mini Foggy Alpine Castles

    I love the foggy weathers a lot to shot video or photos. You just go up to the hills or mountains and you get wonderful scenes. I put some examples I caught around a month ago in Vorarlberg, Austria:
  15. L

    Pro Skiing in Val Thorens in The 3 Valleys France

    I had this footage in my to edit stack for almost 2 years, since going skiing is not going to happen any time soon i thought i could at least get this video done while waiting for better times were we can enjoy the French Alps once more. Music is by a young artist i know Alex Moster, check him...
  16. K-Castello

    Air 1 Almost at the Mont Blanc

    We were almost in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, we stopped for a while to admire the other side. So not looking at Mont Blanc, but a different mountain range. From left to right Tete Pelouse, Mont Fleuri, Mont Chavet, Les Quatre Tete and Pointe d'Areu.
  17. Elektrica

    2 Pro The Alps & Dolomites 4K - A 60 Minutes Relaxation Film with Calming Music

    The European Alps and the Dolomites are some of the most beautiful region in the world! Enjoy this 4k one hour visually mesmerizing voyage across the Italian Alps and the Dolomites of Northern Italy. This scenic relaxation film will allow you to meditate and immerse yourself in the beauty of...
  18. Maik Kellerhals

    2 Pro Impressions from Adelboden in Switzerland

    The first snow this year fell last week in Switzerland:
  19. Elektrica

    Air 2 Swiss Alps 2020 - First Snow - Engstlenalp, Engstlensee, Graustock

    First snow in the Swiss Alps in the beautiful Engstlenalp area. 4K aerial drone video. The route from Melchsee-Frutt to Engstlenalp, continuing over the Joch Pass to the Trüebsee is a hiking classic. Engstlenalp belongs to the Bernese municipality of Innertkirchen in the Oberhasli district...
  20. Maik Kellerhals

    Beautiful Glacier views from Switzerland!

    Went really high up this time to see beautiful glacier landscapes at Längfluh near Saas-Fee in Switzerland: