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  1. AtortPhotography

    Freewell Anamorphic Lens Footage for Mavic Air 2

    I have been playing around with this Freewell Anamorphic lens I bought for my Mavic Air 2 and honestly pretty cool! I shot some footage yesterday with it and put together a sample edit and will do a video today on how to work with the footage to desqueeze and make it look good so subscribe if...
  2. P

    Cinematic Video shot with Mavic Pro

    The place of the recording is called 'De Dode Maas' because it is a dead end of the river 'Maas' in The Netherlands. Shot this video with the DJI Mavic Pro, decided to go for a cinematic look, therefore I used the anamorphic aspect ratio (2.35:1). Recorded in D-Log (-1,-3,-3) and used the FREE...