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android problems

  1. L

    DJI Mavic AIR 2 not working with Android phone

    I have just received my Mavic Air 2 and was quite upset to find out that there are many issues between RC connection and android phones. I have setup everything all ready to fly, plug the RC cable - nothing is working. I got error "RC not connected to mobile phone" . Got back home, and started...
  2. B

    Video stream garbled on Nexus 5X, firmware 1.04.0400

    Problem? Video stream is gabled and lagging behind when the drone moves. It takes 5-10 seconds to recover when the drone is stationary. Also: After landing the drone I put the drone off and on one minute later. The phone and controller stayed on while I did that. The DJI app kept saying Aircraft...
  3. Joymaker

    Samsung Tab E + Mavic Pro bug?

    I just bought a Mavic Pro, and a samsung Galaxy Tab E to fly it with. I'm so tired of small phone screens! I plugged a cable from the tablet into the USB A port on the controller, and immediately an alert box began to flash on the tablet: "Do you want to always open the app DJI Go 4 when this...
  4. 51 Drones

    Samsung Galaxy issues anyone else?

    So for about 2 months, I have been having the following issues with DJI Go 4 and my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Anytime I try to toggle some of the settings in under the "gear" icon, they don't work. For example, I toggle the histogram on, then return to main screen, but no histogram. Then I return...