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antenna mod

  1. T

    Satellite Lnb for RC Drone

    Hi guys, I don't know if it is a right place to post it, but here we go.. I was wondering if it is possible to increase signal of remote controller of a drone (dji spart) by using an moded Satelite LNB? I didn't found any mension of it in any place. Is it possible? And how about an Ubiquiti Antena?
  2. Mad Mavic

    Please read before a diy antenna mod

    If your thinking of cracking the case and doing a mod yourself, I have a few tips that may save you some frustration. I have two new Mavic Pro Platinums purchased in 2018. After much research, I decided that An antenna mod would be beneficial but elected to do the job myself since I'm a fix-it...
  3. Mad Mavic

    Newbie from the great state of Tennesse

    Having a blast flying around the Tennessee hills with my Mavis Pro Platinum with DJI gogles. The best escape from reality ever. Just installed the Titan Atlas antenna mod... waiting for the rain to clear for a test flight. A tip from an expilot, f you aren't flying with the GJI goggles you...