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  1. MrSpok

    Air obstacle detection: Behaviour with glass

    The Mavic Air has obstacle detection at the front, rear and bottom and also stops in front of an barrier. This works even with partially transparent obstacles such as a fence. I've already seen an YT video where it was tested. But what about glass? So e.g. a closed glass door or a window? Does...
  2. H

    Can the APAS system be trained?

    One thing that's not clear to me in the videos demonstrating APAS is whether the obstacle avoidance would be improved after multiple passes through the same set of obstacles. The official explanation of how it works talks about the drone using its cameras and sensors to do 3d mapping, so it...
  3. B

    2 Questions: One on APAS, other on setting battery discharge timer

    Loving the hell out of my new MA! But this is only my 2nd drone since the P3A. Q #1. On my P3A I had this setting where I can change the default battery discharge time from the default 10 days to something else. I cannot seem to find this in the MA DJI Go app. Is this even an option anymore? Q...