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  1. KangaAir

    Mavic Air takes a mystical journey in Lower Austria

    Sharing a 5 minute mystical journey weaving through the Austrian woods, visiting the Bumblebee and imagining nature and life in a 12th century castle. This little bird just keeps on gettin the job done :+) ... so awesome Wishing everyone safe flying Cheers KangaAir
  2. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - The Hollern Experience

    E14 Das Hollern Erlebnis Film location: Hollern, Austria Drone: Mavic Air Video: 1080P 30 & 60fps KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural beauty of...
  3. KangaAir

    Mavic Air - Capturing the magic of Kreuzenstein Castle, Austria

    Filmed on location: Leobendorf, Austria Cheers! KangaAir
  4. Lunz am See, Austria

    Lunz am See, Austria

  5. Oyibo VFX

    Mellau - Damüls ski resort panorama

    This took me two years but I finally have it Hangar 360 photos from around the world.
  6. S

    Case/bag for CS

    I was so lucky to fly business class with Austrian Airlines last week. Nice surprise was the amenity kit. Look how nice my CS's fits in there.... They are for free. You only have to fly business class once with them. Or two way, than you get a spare one...:) Peter
  7. RCSchim

    Best Aerial Shots I've captured so far

    Guys, check out my latest compilation. Tried to choose only the most epic shots from 5 sessions (1-3 flights each). These are my first 3 weeks with this drone. Full review will follow soon (think I tested most functions out soon - currently exploring Litchi more). Filmed mostly in 4k (first...