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  1. Pittsburgh Bill

    Pressed Return To Home But Mavic Started Autolanding

    Yesterday I selected 'Return To Home' but my Mavic started 'Auto Landing' over water. At 1 second into the flight the home point was recorded. At 1:52 I selected 'Return To Home' but the log shows 'Mode Changed To Autolanding'. At 1:52 I received 'Tips Landing' The Mavic got to -4.8 feet (the...
  2. S

    Unexpected Crash!

    Hey guys. New to the forum but have found a bunch of useful tips from it. Anyways, had a bit of a crash yesterday. I was just flying basically right about me, and thought it would be cool to take it over top of the house to check the gutters & just look around. Anyways, as I started getting...
  3. Andrew F

    Warning: .05 Mavic firmware removes ability to Abort autolanding

    The latest Mavic firmware (.05) has removed the ability to abort the autolanding procedure. I don't know if this was intentional or a mistake, but I have rolled back my firmware as I NEED the ability to abort autolanding. There is a known problem with water causing the Mavic to believe it is...