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    São Miguel Island - Azores _ M2Z

    Spectacular trip around the island of São Miguel (Azores - Portugal). Video recorded with my M2Z with ND filters and D-cinelike profile. Edited with Premiere Pro.
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    AZORES Capelinhos Volcano in the island of Faial

    This is a bit different from what I usually create, but thought I'd share it to showcase what you can do with the little Mavic Air. The video is about a landmark in the Azores islands called Capelinhos Volcano. It starts with a brief history overview of the volcanic eruption and then jumps to...
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    The Azores

    Hi, Took my Mavic to the Azores in July and visited the islands of Sao Miguel, Pico and Sao Jorge. Sadly, we also went to the island of Faial but conditions were to bad to fly. So, here is the final result it was filmed in D - Cinelike with +1 sharpness - 1 Contrast and -1 Saturation. Let...