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  1. S

    HowTo switch between DJI Go version (ios)

    Hi experts, as iTunes ditched the Apps management a few months ago (I think somewhere from 12.7.x), and already a longer time ago I realized that I have no local copy of my DJI Go 4 app in the backup folder (also changed that there is no local backup of installed apps anymore,) I switched to...
  2. chrismorace

    Last Day! Don't miss out

    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Try Dragonfly in July promotion ends today, July 31st! It costs nothing to install the app and create an account, and there are some great reasons why it is worth 5 minutes of your time! :) You can get the app here or by searching "dragonfly drone video" on...
  3. chillibenny

    DJI Mavic Pro - Config Settings Backup Software

    Is anyone aware of software that can backup the config for the DJI Go 4's settings & parameters? I've had other apps change the settings on connection which frustrates the crap out of me. I've almost got all the settings tweaked to the way I like it...