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Jun 28, 2017
Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Try Dragonfly in July promotion ends today, July 31st! It costs nothing to install the app and create an account, and there are some great reasons why it is worth 5 minutes of your time! :) You can get the app here or by searching "dragonfly drone video" on the app store.

What is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is an app that just launched in July that makes getting video off of your DJI Mavic and backed up onto the cloud simple. The app has a gorgeous UI for browsing your video and enjoying it with other drone enthusiasts (if you choose). You can get the original videos any time you need them for streaming to high def TV or editing. It is easy to create automatic mixes and all your videos appear in galleries as well as on the map where you took them. It's simple to keep things organized.

Why is it important to create an account today?

1. You are automatically registered for a chance to win a DJI Spark. Only several thousand people have created accounts in July, so your odds are great! (And it's free.)

2. You can enter video contests to win DJI Goggles or a DJI Mavic Pro!

3. Premium storage and subscription prices can be locked in at up to 50% off the normal price

4. You can get up to 75 GB of free space by uploading videos.

Hope you'll give it a try and enjoy these great opportunities.

Happy flying! Thumbswayup
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