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  1. Y

    Voice Control your drone with this app

    A few friends and I are developing a free app that allows you to control a DJI drone with your voice. This app will support all of the Mavic series drones. We are doing it by creating an AI agent using vision language models that understands voice commands and the environment. We hope that...
  2. C

    Is there a control app that can show a user-selected telemetry parameter in real-time?

    After a flight, we all know that the flight log stores a huge amount of information. However, only a small fraction of it is available in real-time as we fly. In some cases, it would be very useful for my work to be able to see some of the telemetry data in real-time. The examples that are more...
  3. ChristophB

    DJI Goggles 2 and Simulator

    Hi all, Has anyone managed to connect the Goggles 2 to the simulator? I get stuck on this screen, while having the Goggles on and connected to the latest iPhone with an original Apple USB-C cable: I'm also using the FPV Remote Controller 2 Thanks, Christoph
  4. D

    Waypoints and Camera Angle

    I set all the waypoints on my DJI go app in advance using the satellite view. Then I clicked each one to set the height, but I can't seem to figure out how to fly with a chosen camera angle. I would like to fly all the waypoints with the camera set to a 45 degree angle. How do I se this? I...
  5. O

    How do i connect to any of the LAANC APPS

    I have the DJI RC PRO remote controller with the DJI fly app already installed and DO NOT NEED TO CONNECT THAT TO MY DRONE. I need to know how to connect to any of the LAANC Apps. People keep not reading what Im posting and telling me how to connect the DJI FLY app to my mavic 3 which is not...
  6. Yaros

    Litchi vs. DJI Fly - the good and the bad of each app

    Hello, I bought Litchi a month ago and was trying some stuff like waypoints and orbiting, I also used DJI Fly for some other stuff like tracking and flying manually. Here is what I noticed: DJI Fly: Very good for regular manual flying has easy camera adjustments with the new 1.5.9 update...
  7. Yaros

    My Feature Request on DJI Fly - link to DJI Forum

    Hello, I made a feature request on DJI Official Forum, I'm posting the link here because I want to know what people think about the idea.
  8. Yaros

    Will Litchi mess up my current settings?

    I am about to get started with Litchi and have a simple question. I have all of my settings configured in DJI Fly (Mavic Air 2), all safety, control and camera settings. Will these settings sync when I open litchi or will they change to some Litchi's default ones? I don't plan to use Litchi all...
  9. Yaros

    Yaw smoothness not adjustable in Normal Mode - Mavic Air 2

    Hello, I have been using the DJI Mavic Air 2 for 4 months now with no issues running DJI Fly 1.4.4 and the yaw smoothness set to around 8, all working well. Yesterday I updated the DJI Fly app to 1.5.1 and the drone's firmware to the newest one (as well as flysafe database...) and after that...
  10. B

    Time-consuming tasks...have you been there?

    Hello everyone.? I am a commercial drone pilot in a corporation. Even when I know that flight drones is something cool, sometimes involves dull and time-consuming non-technical tasks. Have you been in this situation before? I want to ask you if you would like to share some of those tricky steps...
  11. R

    Helping find recreational spots to fly

    I've had my DJI Mavic Air for some time now. One thing I find super hard is to find recreational spots nearby to fly. Honestly, from the posts I could find - I had to comb through many posts in Instagram before finding what shots I could get. If y'all know a better way to figure out where to fly...
  12. C

    Programmed Rotate in Place

    Looking to video a circle of people from a fixed position in the center. I'd like to program the drone (in my case, Mavic Pro) to rotate in place at a preset RPM. Does anybody know of a software or other way to accomplish this? I know that I can adjust the Yaw endpoint and hold the stick in...
  13. C

    MA2 app compatible

    Hi. Do anyone now if there is any app that is compatible with MA2 exept DJI FLY.
  14. S

    Flight path software for Mavic Air 2

    Hi all, I'm so glad I found this forum. I just got a MA2 as my very first drone and I have to say I'm hooked. I've been out pretty much every day since I got it a week ago. So I had a question about apps or PC software that can be used to create a pre-planned flight path. I've looked into...
  15. R

    Query about DJI Fly app

    Hi and sorry for another Newbie query. Just made my maiden Mini flight and am very impressed! One slight annoyance (at myself - I’m obviously missing something) but in the excellent app when I went into the three dot ... screen to set safety and control features I couldn’t work out how to get...
  16. K

    Photos didn't save

    Hi all, we have done some surveys during which we have taken photographs but none of them are on SD card and only about 5% is in DJI Go 4 app. The flight logs show that photos were taken but only show a few that were saved as preview. We are quite desperate to get these photos back but don't...
  17. N

    Is AirMap/LAANC not working for anyone else?

    I've been trying to submit a LAANC Authorization request as part of a flight plan I'm trying to submit for some Class B airspace. However, AirMap doesn't seem to be properly loading most LAANC-related information -- or at least is doing it so slowly that all of my requests are timing out...
  18. P

    Hey, new here just getting to grips with the Mavick Pro

    Hi, I just signed up. I live in Oxford and Alston (North England in the hills) in the UK. I got the Mavick Pro for two reasons: Arial archaeology - I am chair of trustees of a Roman fort but live in two areas with a lot of ancient sites both discovered and undiscovered that I want to explore...
  19. C

    Mavic 2 HD Stream

    Real quick question, the stream or feed that you are seeing on the app from your smartphone while flying or even after from within the app (cached files) I believe that to not be true 1080P HD, the quality seems less than that from within the app. Your thoughts?
  20. A

    Does anyone have an LG G7 or V35 with DJI GO 4?

    Hi, I'm looking at either of these smartphones to fly a DJI drone with. I just want to know if DJI GO 4 works well on these devices. LG G7, LG V35