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  1. GFields

    Air 3 Skypixel ( ONLY POST LINK NOTHING ELSE )

    Post only the link to your Skypixel page. The below rules MUST be followed or your post will be deleted. 1. Post ONLY the Link, Nothing more. 2. No Commentary (everyone assumes you want subscribers and likes). You are welcome to use the "like" feature to let the user know you subscribed. 3. No...
  2. A

    Increased latency on RTMP streaming

    Hello there i have developed my own app for addition mission control to manage and track my live stock movement using drones. Every thing was working fine but from 2 to days i have been facing streaming lag there is almost lag between 10 secs to 1 minute. Is anyone else facing lag in RTMP...
  3. Dr_Zoidberg

    Mavic 3 video flicker

    Greetings everyone, Today I noticed some heavy flickering in my Mavic 3 footage. The videos below are shot at 4k/60 fps, auto camera settings, normal formatting, anti-flicker set to auto. I did some search and appears that this is more or less known issue, but can't find much info how to...
  4. Freddygang

    The last flight

    Very short video of my M3P's last flight on Friday. Unprocessed footage shot with a K&F ND/PL filter - nice rainbow over the Ionian sea off the coast of a Greek island. After a brief period of ownership, my M3P's is packed to go back to Amazon to be swapped for a M4P . I really enjoyed the...
  5. Yaros

    Cales de Mallorca

    Any suggestions to make my videos better?
  6. A

    Weird gimbal issue by motor maybe

    Hi! I recently tried flying my drone, and then gimbal started making weird noises and the video is jello (ing?). Here is a video I have edited to show the problem in detail. I had no crashes that could connect to this issue. (video uploaded to onedrive, no need to sign in). The video details...
  7. S

    New Mavic Air 3 SD Card Wiped After Using LightCut

    Yesterday I flew my new Mavic Air 3 for the first time (I am an experienced pilot who had previously flown both a Mavic Air 2, Mavic Air, and Spark for many years), and it was great. I had the same SD card I’ve been using with the other drones, and had no issues with the video or saving, the...
  8. G

    Mavic mini 3 Pro video flickering

    Greeting, everyone! I've recently purchased a Mavic Mini 3 Pro, and noticed that when I film in 4k 30 fps, the video seems to sort of flicker, for the lack of a better word. It's evident when I zoom in. Please see the link attached. I would appreciate it if you could share any thoughts as to...
  9. Yaros

    Video is worse quality than photo - Why is that?

    So, I have noticed a while ago that the Mavic Air 2 takes incredible quality photos, even in the normal 12MP mode. But when it comes to video, it's a bit different. I didn't think much about it, but now I'm wondering, why is that? I took a video in 4K Wide 60FPS Normal Mode, D-Cinelike Color...
  10. KernowRed

    My first ever drone videos

    This is my first ever post on this forum so I thought I would go for it. I have been out and about locally and have made these two videos. They are my first ever drone videos and my first time using Premier Pro. I really enjoyed making them. Things I like about them Interesting mix of shots...
  11. V

    Frontal Leds affecting the video - A2s (Solved: video compression problem)

    I saw this weird flicker in the shadows in this footage and I think the frontal leds are reflecting off the propelers (they're dark, but kinda reflective too). You can see it better from the waveform. Has anyone found a way to avoid this? Is there a "night shooting mode" somewhere in the...
  12. Henchula

    Mini 3 A few From Today and the past weeks.

    I've never posted here my videos nor my photos, so if I do anything wrong, let me know. This one, are some footage from "practice" I want to delete so I made this for YouTube so at least I'll have them there - As well as a few photos from the past week - Have a great weekend everybody.
  13. R

    Testing a "short" format video - Local hockey arena

    (Tik Tok Version) Just looking for critiques on this 15 second video which I am testing for a "short" format platform like Tik Tok/YouTube Shorts/Insta. In the version I uploaded to Tik Tok I included some titles and music, but this is the original video and lacks both. So I am just looking...
  14. cmj0929

    This might be a dumb question but how long can the air 2s or mini 2 be used as a stand alone camera ? (no motors running)

    I ask the question because i have an event coming up and i figure i can use either one as a stand alone camera without the motors running for an extended period of time you know ? I'm aware that i cant capture sound i have mics for that but i figure it would still be great as a secondary camera...
  15. Yaros

    Air 2 Video of Very Low Clouds over Cala Millor, Mallorca!

    This is a video that I made recently when the clouds went low over the town of Cala Millor, where I live! Hope you like it! Any suggestions or critiques on video editing, color correction, and the video in general - welcome!
  16. Al Di

    Mini 2 Unique opportunity: A flight in Advection Fog

    While driving along the CT Shoreline I came across a beach area engulfed in Advection Fog. While I studied this as in the Part 107, this was my first opportunity to fly in it. Lucky for me I had my drone in the car.
  17. J

    Posting Mavic 3 Footage to Instagram

    Hey everyone, I am new to flying drones and the Magic 3 cine. I need to post the videos that I take on Instagram for the company I work for. I am able to get the footage onto my laptop and edit it, but I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to take the video I edit in iMovie and get...
  18. Yaros

    Air 2 First Attempt at a (kind of) One-Shot with Mavic Air 2

    It is more like a video with speed ramps and sound design than a one-shot, but I thought I'd share it :)
  19. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor Beach, Mallorca

    This is the video I recently made of Cala Millor Beach in the east coast of Mallorca. Hope you like it :) If you have any suggestions to make it better, I would like to know :)
  20. Yaros

    Air 2 A town in Mallorca - Sant Llorenç