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[help] How to get processed hyperlapse and panorama without app


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Jun 7, 2024
Hi. So I bought my first drone, air 3. I ran into issue where I want to get processed video of hyperlapse (instead of pictures) and stitched panorma (one photo instead of 33 jpg files) but instead when accessing dji drone by usb I only get raw footage (multiple images) that isn't processed. I can't use app because I have android 15 beta and dji fly is crashing on this android version (dji sucks for software development, even lightcut from them, from google play store is crashing on A14) and I don't want to use my old phone just for that, also don't want to waste time to schuffle footage from one device to another (like from drone to phone and from phone to PC...). Is there any other way to force drone/controller to process/stitch footage into hyperlapse video/360 panorama? Or if not then what app on PC do you recommend to do that after downloading raw footage?
Thanks in advance
You need to remove the SD card and copy the contents to a PC.
The hyperlapse video should be in the MEDIA or the 100MEDIA folder under DCIM. as a .mp4 (I do not have an air3 so I am just guessing that its the same as the Mavoc 2 Pro/Zoom)
The complete Pano file should also be in the MEDIA folder as a .jpg file.
Sorry I have to go now.
OK I am back.
To create panoramas you need software and the panorama files.
It also helps to have and the best media processing computer to hand.

This is a list of some of the software.​
(I use free software)​
  • ICE Microsoft Image Composite Editor(ICE)
    [ICE is no longer supported or easily available but is the quickest and simplest to use to get a panorama file from the base images. If you can find a copy]
    ICE imports the base files and then stiches them to give a panorama image with roughly the same quality as the drone version. However because the drone does not look up the stitched image may not be of the required final dinensions. A ratio of 2:1 width to height is required to display a a full 360degree panorama.
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
    Gimp can be used to resize the canvas to have the required 2:1 ratio.
  • DarkTable
    DarkTable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
  • RawTherapee
    RawTherapee is application software for processing photographs in raw image formats,
  • Hugin
    Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more! Open Source software, free to use, modify and share.
  • FSPViewer
    FSPViewer to view any 360 degree panorama.
Since you have .jpg files then you do not need to set up GIMP and Hugin to use DarkTable and/or RawTherapree to process DNG files.
You can use Hugin directly to process your files into a Panorama.
The above software with correct settings can use DNG files to produce a superior Panorama images.
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Once you have your raw files (DNGs)on your computer you can use a number of applications- Lightroom or Camera Raw, Panovolo, Panorama Studio, and more to stitch your panos or 360’s.
The advantage of Lightroom or Camera raw is you can process them first and then stitch, or stitch them first and still have a raw DNG to work with to process the file.
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