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  1. R


    I have been trying out the Hyperlapse on the Mini 4 Pro but have encountered a problem, every time I do a hyperlapse the drone will slowly yaw left or right. This makes a big difference in a hyperlapse when it is sped up and it ruins the video. Something else I noticed is this happens not only...
  2. B

    Air 2 Nevada Cement Company Hyperlapse

    ND2000 Filter 3 second interval / 1.5 second exposure time
  3. F

    Hyperlapse Video VS Image Sequence

    I'm a pretty new drone pilot (only had my Mavic 3 Classic for a few months) and I just wanted to share a beginner tip that I just realized, I'm sure most all of you knew this already but posting for the one person who didn't know. When you record a hyperlapse with your DJI drone (I'm guessing...
  4. akdrone

    Mav 3 waypoints without hyperlapse

    In order to use waypoints with a Mav3 or Mini 3 pro one must be using Hyperlapse, correct? There is no way to set a series of points and simply record waypoints and have it fly the path while video recording and controlling the gimble position is there? I don't do much in the way of...
  5. C

    Hyperlaps - abrupt ends

    This may be a feature request, or someone can tell me if it’s possible or have a trick. I quite enjoy doing 10sec hyperlaps. I just learned about it. Cool feature. But they end so abruptly. That is, the drone does the waypoints and then ends. So I need to fade out. Or it looks mince. Is...
  6. Yaros

    Air 2s Sunset Clouds Hyperlapse
  7. blackomega

    Mini 3 Prince Rupert BC, An evening hyperlapse

    Quick evening Hyperlapse over Prince Rupert
  8. B

    Mini 3 Hyperlapse

  9. quadroger

    2 Zoom Surreal Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan

    Surreal Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan
  10. quadroger

    2 Zoom Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan

    Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan a bit shaky
  11. akdrone

    3 Short hyperlapse of a Fairbanks Alaska park

  12. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Gurnee IL Traffic via Aerial Hyperlapse

    (not sure why the shake near the end? Winds were 10-12mph)
  13. AeroFlix 4D

    Air 2 Bangkok in 2021...

  14. Dangerly

    Air 2 Hyperlapse practice shots with Air 2

    Thought I'd share some practice shots. I've got this great location for practicing hyperlapse shots, and yesterday's clouds did not disappoint. I am thinking of filming again today and going for a longer shot that goes up and over the buildings you can see in the opening scene of this test...
  15. quadroger

    2 Zoom HYPERLAPSE Tiltshift New Taipei City

    HYPERLAPSE Tiltshift New Taipei City
  16. cgmaxed

    Air 2s 30 Second Hyperlapse of a Heavily Modified Air2S from Just Above the Ground to Just Above the Clouds and Back

    I was told they couldn't do it without a battery and software mod. I don't know the altitude it went. Or how long the flight lasted. I didn't Ask.
  17. cgmaxed

    Air 2s Hyperlapse of Beach using Post Production Speed Accelerator instead of the Air2S' hyperlapse function

    This hyperlapse was done in post. I filmed it in regular speed on the Air2S, then sped it up in Vegas Pro.
  18. cgmaxed

    Air 2s 30 second Timelapse Raincloud Over Gulf of Mexico and Another Over Land and Closeup

    30 sec time lapse of raincloud passing over Gulf of Mexico. Processed in Vegas Pro. Cropped and increased contrast. Another time lapse wall of rain over land, looks like it's trying to form a tornado. You can see it start to spin slightly.
  19. Korrd

    Air 2 Fire Sunset Timelapse | Montevideo, Uruguay

    I just recently migrated from Argentina to Uruguay. Since I'm still quarantined, I've decided to kill some time by flying around the place. Enjoy!
  20. P

    Mavic Mini 2 cruise control for Hyperlapse manual but allows on different speeds

    I could not wait for SDK support any longer, manual Hyperlapse flying for 10+min is super exchausing. I have MacGyver cruise control for my MM2. Final pre-production product is here. Next week kickstarter, shark tank in 4 weeks. Going public IPO in 2 months, this is your time to make the move...