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  1. VenomXts

    Sunset Between The Storms....

    We have been having Rain on and off all day and a sunset managed to peak through the clouds long enough to get a nice hyper-lapse before the storm clouds snuck back in.... Only sad thing is no lightening in most of the days rain but gorgeous sunset IMO. Hopefully not boring people with these...
  2. Airmark1

    Hyperlapse Videos from noob.

    It is hard enough to learn to fly the drone. But then you add in: Video location planning Camera position planning Video capturing while yes, still learning how to fly the darn thing 😀 Media downloading and safe storage Video editing on FCPX (or similar) which is a whole OTHER new learning...
  3. VenomXts

    Summer Thunder Storm From the Air To The Ground Then Back Up....

    Had a thunderstorm storm come in today so shot a few things with the drone and then my Osmo on the ground. Decided to throw together a quick video together to listen and see the rain from two perspectives. Always kinda Zens me out, figured id share if anyone else is into this type of thing...
  4. VenomXts

    Sunset Hyperlaps with 8k First Try

    Tried the 8k out tonight on the first decent sunset I could come across. Let me know thoughts. Post editing (gama reduction) Pre Editing (right off drone). Bonus if you like Dogs playing fetch or green backyards lol. -Venom
  5. coneslayer

    DaVinci Resolve optimized media with DNG hyperlapse

    I'm creating 4K hyperlapses using the 4000x3000 DNG image files from the Mavic Air 2. I create a UHD project, and set the input scaling to center crop with no resizing: Now I can bring in the directory full of DNGs, and they just fill the video from left-to-right. Because of the 4:3 aspect...
  6. Ttrent

    Frustrated with 8k Hyperlapse

    SO, I found that I can play 8K hyperlapse on my Mac by downloading SPLAYER for free from the App Store. That is ok BUT, What I really want is the ability to edit the hyperlapse in FinalCut with out the grey bars that the AIr2 includes in the video. I found that I can upload directly to...
  7. T

    2.2mph minimum speed in tap fly - frustrating

    Hi All, Just bought my first drone (Mavic Air 1) a few weeks ago, just before I saw Mavic Air 2 announced 😭. Anyway, I'm new to drones and photography and really enjoying learning about both right now! So, I have a dilemma, I want to create a hyperlapse that doesn't cover a lot ground. For...

    Drone hyperlapse at night

    Hi, I just published another drone hyperlapse video. I took single RAW images with an interval of 2 sec. Then edited in Lightroom and LRtimelapse. Finally I used WarpStabilizer to get it smooth. I really love my Mavic 2 Pro...
  9. G

    Drifting in hyperlaps videos

    Hi guys, I'm having the M2P for some time now and still testing it's capabilities. A couple of days ago I tried the hyperlaps modes and have some concerns. There are some drone shakings even in short hyperlaps videos. I have uploaded a sample here: The wind conditions are 3-5m/s gusts...

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi there I own a Mavic 2 Pro since last summer and since that time I am working on a drone hyperlapse of my hometown at night. In the meantime I published my first drone hyperlapse of the Winter Alps here. *** My status: Total flight time: 52 Hr Flight distance: 340'683m Total flights: 179

    Drone hyperlapse in the winter alps

    Info: I took single RAW images on an interval of 2 sec. Edited in Lightroom and LRtimelapse:
  12. MikeC

    Alaskan Hyperlapse

    Filmed today with my Mavic 2 Pro
  13. DJ Wes

    Fireworks Hyperlapse Synced to Music

    I’ve seen many example movies of fireworks captured with drones. However, I’ve never seen anyone post a hyperlapse sequence of a fireworks display much less one synchronized to the beat of the music. For this video, I planned a mission using Litchi to circle an area where a fireworks display...
  14. FlyingAndCarp

    I spent weeks learning how to edit a good hyperlapse, figured I'd make a tutorial video for everyone else

    Hyperlapses are so cool but really are a huge pain in the rear to make. Hope this helps somebody! Edit: Oh if the quality still hasn't updated (should go to 4k eventually) just keep refreshing.. YouTube is taking it's sweet time.
  15. B

    Day to night hyperlapse to tutorial

    Thought Id share the tutorial here. How To Shoot & Post-Process A Day-To-Night Hyperlapse On DJI Mavic 2 It looks pretty detailed. Sign up to their mailing list ands found it in my emails this morning. Going to try it myself on the weekend (weather permitting).
  16. S

    Mavic Air How To Make Night hyperlapse

    hello can anyone say best camera settings and modes for mavic air on night hyperlapse
  17. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying with Lightning - drone in a thunderstorm!

    Massive arching bolts of electricity explode across the heavens and illuminate the boiling clouds like giant atmospheric jelly fish. Thunder splits the sky and reverberates across the cowering landscape below as the storm surges overhead. Such weather is hardly commonplace here in the calm...
  18. D

    CHROME HTML document (.htm) icon

    In my Hyperlapse folders there is always a CHROME HTML document (.htm) icon. Would anyone know what this is? Thx.
  19. D

    Up and down jolts in Hyperlapse vids

    Hello. Today I was experimenting with Hyperlapse Circle, Course Lock, and Waypoints. Overall the vids look good except in every one of them there are some up and down jolts and oddly enough, at some split-second moments it looks like some of the subject matter is actually stretching up and down...
  20. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial

    Mavic 2 Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial that will show you properly one of the coolest features of Mavic 2 Pro :-)