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Air 3 damaged propeller and crash


Premium Pilot
Aug 3, 2021
Sierra Vista, AZ
She wanted twilight footage of her yard. She wasn't satisfied with the first footage, so this was a second attempt.

I turned off the obstacle avoidance (stupid, I know), and even though I was calm and slow, somehow, I managed to run into a willow tree and my Air 3 was hanging from branches. I managed to get the drone from from the branch, but two of the propellers were damaged. One of the tips was sheared off, and the other showed a slight divot, but otherwise, appeared OK.

My question focuses on whether there was other damage to the device? Did the sudden stop of the propellers cause peripheral damage to the rotors? Once the propellers are replaced, is the device OK to fly?

Thanks for any insight.
The sudden stop of the props is unlikely to have damaged the motors unless the drone tried to keep driving them but then I think you'd see an ESC warning.
However it would be an idea to check that the props have not left one or more of their mounting lugs inside the motor.
I'd also turn each motor by hand and check if any are significantly stiffer than the others.

Replace any damaged props.

If the drone boots and starts its motor without warnings being given then hover it at eye level and watch one arm, give the drone a quick squirt of full throttle and watch to see if the arm moves upwards.
Repeat for each arm, also compare the droop of the front arms with each other and repeat for the rear arms. the droop of the front arms need not match the droop of the rear arms.
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