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  1. T

    Aerial 360 video with MA2 + Insta360 One X2 + bracket + Oculus Quest 2

    Having conquered "dropping items via parachute from my Mavic Air 2," I have had a lot of fun over the last week stringing a few new toys together, and I thought the group might like to hear about it. The combination of the Mavic Air 2, a 360-degree camera (in my case, an Insta360 One X2), and a...
  2. I

    Looking for a "how-to" on spheric panorama

    I'm trying to create this but Photoshop's photomerge (auto or sphere) only pops out this kind of image. Anyone got a link for a how-to or tutorial or something? Thanks.
  3. VenomXts

    What 360 Pano website or applications do you use to share your shots with others?

    I saw another user post some with a tool i had never seen. So I figured I would make a separate thread here just for how to share. What do you use that you like? I have been using these: Momento360 | Make the most of your 360 photos, images and videos My Example [Nice Collection...
  4. VenomXts

    360's~ Pool Slides, Castles, Creeks and Horseshoes.

    I really enjoy the 360's on the Air 2 albeit I think some post for them is needed. And I have yet to learn how to do that (these all straight off the drone)... Pool Slide (Respecting privacy here just imagine good looking adults in swim attire). Horse Shoe Fountain Creek and Tree's Castle...
  5. C

    360 Panorama stitch

    Hello, I'm here to ask for suggestions. When I am taking 360 panoramas from my M2P through the app, I get a really low resolution stitched panorama in jpg, with a resolution of 8192x4096 (Around 12MB). Luckily it is possible to store all the raw images taken automatically by the drone to build...
  6. Drone UK

    Quick 360 Video of Weird Sculpture

    I had permission from the Town to film here so i was able to get close
  7. B

    Aerial 360: shot raw, stitched in PTGui Shot with Mavic 2 Pro (raw), stitched in PTGui, zenith patched with Photoshop, content aware fill.
  8. Dwse_pono

    How to make a AEB 360 easily with mavic 2 pro

    Hello all of you, i need your help, I need to know if there is a way to AUTOMATIC take AEB 360 sphere photos(RAW photos, so i can edit them later) like the DJI GO 4 or the LITCHI takes as simple shots BUT i want them AEB... I was trying to make it manual shooting but takes so much time...
  9. A

    Anyone tried spherical 360 panoramas yet?

    Just got the M2P and only had 30 mins to play with it this morning. I did try a spherical panorama and fairly please with the result, but it's only a 2D jpg. The 360° metadata isn't embedded I don't guess b/c FB and Google Photos don't see it as a 360° image. Any recommendation on how to make...
  10. P

    Beltmount Flying, double panoramic 360 video camera, anyone?

    Hello, Anyone tried this beltmounts for recording 360 Panoramic Video? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance
  11. BD0G

    360 Degree Spherical Panorama's- BD0G

    Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe, California Directly Above Fannette Island Link to 360 Panorama: Hangar 360 photos from around the world. -Fannette Island is the only island in Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, United States. It lies within Emerald Bay, on the California side of the lake. Over a...
  12. lisadoc

    An "Explosion" of Wallabies

    If you've never seen a mob of wallabies (yes, that's what a group of wallabies and kangaroos is called), here's a 360 photo of a group of them foraging in a field outside Cairns, Australia. Looks like a bomb went off and wallaby shrapnel went everywhere. The great thing about the Mavic is that...
  13. Kvark

    360? Do it smooth way? How?

    Hello, I am new to drones operating, and have not a lot expirience, but I like making photoshoots - for me its fine if its need to zoom and take a shoot however if I want to make video 360 arround the dron I have issues, as I do it manualy I try to turn it slowly but still its not constantly and...
  14. RickyMavic


    Hey guys! I mounted a 360fly camera on my mavic pro. The footage is very shaky, and I urgently need help/advice on how to make the footage smoother. If anyone wants to work on this together with me, I've already stared. Thanks, RickyMavic
  15. K

    360 Pano Editing Software

    Hello everyone, Since the last update which added the vertical, horizontal and 360 panoramic picture capabilities I've been playing around with it and I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of the 360 pictures. Although it was windy and the drone wasn't perfectly steady, I was able to capture this...
  16. Qoncussion

    Beautiful 360° Sunset over the Sierra Nevada Foothills

    I capture this using Litchi a few nights ago in Nevada City, California - my home. Nevada County Sunset
  17. Qoncussion

    360 Pano of Fire Lookout on a most beautiful day

    I've shot a few 360s at this fire lookout tower, where I volunteer, but the clouds in the sky really made yesterday's shoot look awesome. If you move around to the left, the contrast of the sun in the trees, set against the cloud shadows on the hills, really made for some nice visuals...
  18. Qoncussion

    What's the best FREE site for uploading virtual 360 panos?

    I've just started shooting 360 panos with Litchi, editing them in Autopano Giga (dumb name, great program). I tried a site that does a poor job of rendering the virtual 360 nature of my spherical panoramas - and need to find a better site. I'm not on Facebook - so I need to find a good site away...
  19. ShawnIde

    Using my Mavic for Aerial VR

    Hey guys... I am searching for an aerial vr rig. Currently I am using my Mavic with 2 360Fly 4k cameras. What do you think?
  20. S

    360 Panorama: Best way to view on the Goggles ?

    Hi, I have created several beautiful 360 Panoramas/Aerials with the Litchi and Autopano. And they really are stunning on Facebook. (The Mavic camera is really fantastic.) But is there an easy way to see them on the DJI Goggles ? Via HDMI and an app ? I really want to use the "motion...