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  1. Yaros

    Storing the Mavic Air 2

    Hello, I bought my Mavic air 2 around 4 months ago and I really enjoy flying it. But one question I had from the start is - what is the best way of storing to avoid stress cracks, etc... These 4 months I store it unfolded on my shelf, together with the controller and batteries, when I want to...
  2. S

    iPhone Storage Doesn’t Shrink After Deleting Videos

    I just received my iPhone 13. So to speed up the “new iPhone ” setup process and decrease the size of my backup, I started deleting large files on my iPhone 12. in Settings > iPhone Storage > DJI Fly was about 60GB. So I opened the Fly app, went to Album (cached videos/not downloaded)...
  3. M

    Storing drone images to cloud server

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to store my drone image in a cloud server. Can anybody help me in doing it. Any information regarding shooting the drone image and uploading it on the cloud server simultaneously would be of great help. Thank you in advance.
  4. theDRONEranger

    DJI Response to Battery Storage Enquiry

    Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support. We appreciate you writing in to let us know of your inquiry about the recommended method for long term storage of the Mavic Air and Spark aircraft batteries. Allow me to assist you and address this inquiry for you. For your inquiry, kindly refer...
  5. Joymaker

    How to keep DJI Go 4 from sucking storage?

    I am chronically out of space on my iPhone, largely because DJI Go 4 is taking up 21.7 GB. I have gone into the editor where you can edit little videos and tried deleting some of the ones it auto generated, but this seems to be only a drop in the bucket. Where can I go to delete the lo-res...
  6. S

    Storage Confusion and CACHE MODE - Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Smart Controller

    Hello! I'm so confused. I have the Mavic 2 Pro and just got the DJI Smart Controller and both the drone and the controller have SD cards installed. ***My ideal would be record full rez footage to drone's SD card but cache/backup to Smart Controller.*** 3 Questions 1) Cache Mode??? My drone's...
  7. MS Eierfeile

    Access Mavic Pro storage with Android smartphone

    Hello there, I am pretty new to the forum and still a wanted to contribute something that could help others: It bothered me that I could not access the footage on the fly for example to empty my Mavic SD card or to edit footage on my Smartphone on the go. The solution came with the OTG-adapter...
  8. M

    Photo and Video File Numbering Question

    My SD memory card filled up during a flight, and I let the MA start using the internal memory. Upon review, it turns out that the photo and video files in the internal memory use the same numbering scheme: the internal memory and memory card both start at 1. This creates problems when you have...
  9. E

    Picture Quality Help!

    Hi guys, Recently purchased the mavic pro, & a bit disappointed with the quality of the photographs. I have played around with the setting,reconfigured the camera, I have them set in RAW, etc. (literally done everything the internet has told me to) however, they still look very pixillated. I...
  10. B

    Anyone use the WD My Passport Wireless SSD?

    Hey all, Curious to know if anyone on this forum uses the My Passport Wireless SSD? Main question is, are you able to transfer shots/footage from the onboard memory? SD cards are obviously the easy method but wondering if the SSD does recognize the Mavic Air onboard memory to transfer footage...
  11. DroneDad68


    Hello all✌. New guy here thought I'd share this. Just got my first drone yesterday and like a noob I didn't order a case or anything to protect while hiking. Sooo had to think quick as I leave for the The Redwoods in 2 days. Off to the Walmart I go in hopes of finding something. What I did find...
  12. RawRock

    Settings storage

    So I have a Mavic coming in the mail this week and am about to begin my studies into all things Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI goggles RE. So I have a iPad with low GB that is hooked up with my cellular plan and I have unlimited data plan. This should be perfect for my Mavic adventures, correct...
  13. S

    Storing the batteries

    Hi guys. How do You mostly store the batteries? Just keep them laying around or any safer solutions? I have heard that the Bat-Safe is a pretty safe bet and according to this test it should also be OK with Mavic sized batteries: Ammo boxes are also pretty popular, also just keeping them on...
  14. M

    Battery charge level for storage

    Hello, As a new Mavic pilot I've been reading as much as free time allows. However there are still some questions I can't find a conclusive answer. Regarding the intelligent battery, let's say I fly until it is 30% to 40% and then I know I won't be flying for a while (5 days or so). Should I...
  15. chrismorace

    Last Day! Don't miss out

    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Try Dragonfly in July promotion ends today, July 31st! It costs nothing to install the app and create an account, and there are some great reasons why it is worth 5 minutes of your time! :) You can get the app here or by searching "dragonfly drone video" on...
  16. A

    Video cataloging and storage

    Not sure if this is the correct location but how is everyone storing their videos. Are you only keeping you completed rendered and finalized videos or what? I am going nuts between my drones and gopro's i am way beyond out of space.. Thanks
  17. elliotta

    Help! Can't Export or Create Video - Insufficient Storage??

    I just flew my Mavic Pro for the first time. I'm using an Iphone 6Plus with plenty of storage in the phone. I created an auto edit video the Mavic Go App and then when I tried to share the video it said "Insufficient memory 200mb required". I have looked all over the internet and have no idea...
  18. U

    Found a case for the Goggles

    Hello guys I was searching through ebay for goggles accessories and came across a case for the goggles, wondering what you guys think? Should I buy? Just search dji goggles case. Only one or two models available. Let me know, thanks!
  19. Flawless

    General Maintenance advice?

    So, I've just received my Mavic and it's fantastic. Going to spend so much time with it! The Fly more combo came with a great little bag, and was wondering if it's safe to keep the rotors on when it's in there? It'll only be for short trips, otherwise I will take the rotors off. Aside from...
  20. T

    How many GB do you need?

    Hi all, I'm just looking to buy an iPad mini to fly my soon-to-arrive Mavic Pro with and was wondering if there's any need to get more than 16GB worth of storage? I am thinking that I will save everything to the memory card and I don't think I'll need to save many pics or video to the actual...