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  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 Interstellar Waves - Bali

    Works best with 🎧 On a trip to Bali last year the bro and I were cruising drones above the "Devils Tears" what an epic location and a little bit nerve wracking with all the ocean action going on.
  2. Si_Co

    2 Pro Penida Bay Village, Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

    Aerial footage of our hotel in Nusa Penida, Bali:
  3. L

    Amazing Bali, DJI Mavic Air

    Hello to everyone! This is my first experience with DJI Mavic Air. I created a video and it's my first video. Please enjoy it
  4. D

    Bali - Anantara Seminyak Beach and Visesa Ubud Resort

    Aerials views of the beautiful beach at Anantara Seminyak Resort and the rice fields in Visesa Ubud Resort in Indonesia Music: Sam Feldt ft. George Shelley - Leave Me Alone Hello all!!! Please support my video, I am new here!!! Its a great community here.
  5. R

    Just a short Bali Indonesia clip.

  6. John Gowland

    Mavic refuses to rise from base of waterfall

    Mavic refuses to rise from base of waterfall. Why? Spent money on a driver and a guide and trekked through thick, humid jungle to get to a waterfall and the Mavic refused to rise. It did this at three separate waterfalls, so it was not just one spot. I moved it many times, back, forwards, to...
  7. In-The-Drone-Zone

    Kite Surfing In Bali

    Hope you guys like the video it was fun spending an afternoon chasing the kite surfers.
  8. Q

    Ubud, Bali

    DJI Mavic Pro in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
  9. k idea

    Short Video - Blue Point Beach @ Bali

    Enjoy the sun, sea and sand!
  10. T

    travelling to bali with mavic??

    hey guys i'm heading off to Bali for a few weeks soon, just wondering if any of you guys have had problems with customs/security etc. thanks
  11. The Drone Zone

    Hi From Bali

    Got my Mavic about 3 weeks ago love it, its my first drone and its amazing it handles the heat in Bali well which surprised me. This is my first go at making a video.
  12. abeazzy2

    Flying to Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam

    HI, Im flying with Singapore airlines to hong Kong this summer and then Asian airline and VietJet for a couple of the legs for a total of 8 total flights. I have a dedicated backpack along with the Lipo Battery protectors. The back pack is going on board with me as I will also have my laptop...