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  1. DJ Wes

    Arvest Ballpark, Springdale, Northwest Arkansas

    This is a short video of the Arvest Ballpark in Springdale, Arkansas. It is the home of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals – a minor league baseball team. At the time I shot this footage I was just practicing. However, after editing the footage and adding music, I thought that it was worth...
  2. A

    Abandoned Baseball Stadium - 4K

    A Minor League baseball stadium in Nashville, TN (Nashville Sounds) which has been abandoned and all, but destroyed by looters as the team moved across town to a new stadium.
  3. brentmwarren

    droning near a major sporting event - commercial pilots only

    hey guys, So I work only 0.5 miles away from a major league ballpark. Obviously, a TFR will be in place during the games. However, If I take off from my office and remain within a 400ft elevation of the highest point of my office - is that still considered controlled airspace and can I take my...