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battery charger

  1. T

    Generic car charger

    Hi, the original brand new dji charger is very expensive. I'm considering buying a generic one. Are they safe to use? Is there any influence on the performance of the battery? Thanks (if you have some links pls include in your answer)
  2. kcoleman805

    Triple Flashing Lights

    Just took my Mavic for a flight using two batteries. Finished flying and brought my Mavic inside to charge the batteries. I placed my two batteries into the charging dock, as I usually do, and when I did so the light on the charging dock went red. And the green light closest to the power switch...
  3. stevemitchell

    FSLabs Mavic Rapid 3 battery Charger - good so far

    Had the chance to fly my Mavic for 5 days in the snow in Eastern Washington, and also to test out the FSLabs Mavic Charger to keep the three batteries I had ready to go. The charger itself has three leads for three batteries, two USB ports, and a standard PC power cable. The bulk of the unit is...