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FSLabs Mavic Rapid 3 battery Charger - good so far


Jan 23, 2017
Seattle, WA
Had the chance to fly my Mavic for 5 days in the snow in Eastern Washington, and also to test out the FSLabs Mavic Charger to keep the three batteries I had ready to go.

The charger itself has three leads for three batteries, two USB ports, and a standard PC power cable. The bulk of the unit is the charger itself which has a nice aluminum case, and when at full charging capacity, has a quiet little fan keeping things cool.

I charged all three of my batteries and the controller many times over the 5 days, and was impressed at how fast it charged, and especially how it could charge all three batteries simultaneously. It does get pretty warm when charging three batteries and the controller.

Simultaneous charging is a great feature for me, as I usually hike out somewhere remote and fly 3 batteries in succession, then come back to civilization and power. Waiting for the stock battery charger to charge all three (even with the hub) is at least 3 hours. With this charger, I'm ready to go in a bit over an hour.


Shot of Fireball not included in purchase.

So far I'm happy, and have had no issues. I wish it was a bit smaller so it fit into my GPC case, but that's my only gripe so far.
Where are you in Eastern WA? I'm in Kettle Falls, and snow pictures is all I have!

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I'm near Naches, so technically I guess I would be in Central Washington, or the mountains around Mt. Rainier. Lots and lots of snow pictures, but lots of cliffs and such, and I caught a hawk trying to take me out this weekend as well!
It's good, just needs a bit of hacking if you want it to be really safe. Many posts about that already.
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