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battery drain

  1. P

    Skips RTH and emergency lands

    Hello all. Twice in the past five or six flights my 2s went into "emergency landing" mode without any low battery warning or even going into RTH. When these happened I immediately looked at the battery indicator and it was in the red. I've never flown my batteries into the red. How it jumped...
  2. Rusty in Bend

    New M2Z controller discharging iPhone 6s+ Battery

    I've done a bunch of online research on this, but everything is "years" old and fits more into "common sense" than any solution epiphany. I've been flying my P4P+ for a couple of years with the integrated screen, so never had to monkey with my phone until my Zoom came today. Problem: First...
  3. B

    RC Android Battery Issue

    Hi, I contacted DJI support on this and they know nothing, or at least are unwilling to talk about it. I only have 2 flights under my belt at this time, but since I am using and Android I have been reading the many posts concerning the problem and trying to take steps to help minimize this...