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  1. N

    RC Pro Enterprise downgrade to regular RC Pro firmware

    Hello everyone, I am seeking anyone that could help me with downgrading my enterprise controller to a regular RC Pro. I have read that this is possible, however I can not seem to find any guide on how to do this. The reason why, is quite simple, I want to be able to use this controller with my...
  2. S

    Closing Cells / Not Opening Cells / Non-Charging Cells, How To Repair

    Hello there, I am writing from turkey. I am sharing the R&D results I have done in Turkey in line with the possibilities at my disposal. If your battery is turned off, does not charge, does not turn on, please do not hesitate to ask questions. I can help. Link is Here Youtube Video Link
  3. Dronion

    Downgrading from .1000 to .900 and Battery Firmware question

    Hi everyone, What will do happen to battery firmware if I perform a downgrade from .1000 to .900? Did you faced any problem? Did the mavic detect any inconsistency and performed a new downgrade also just like as it happens during the upgrade? Thank you