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battery life

  1. L

    How many times can i charge and discharge my mavic 3 batteries (battery cycles)?

    I skimmed through the safety guidelines and user manual but I havent been able to find a real-life number let alone an official number.
  2. cgmaxed

    April 21, 2021: KULR Introduces High Capacity Lithium Battery Packs for Commercial Drone Market

    APRIL 21 , 2021 From Article: "Despite the tremendous potential that drones hold, their adoption rate is strongly affected by battery...
  3. Mad Mavic

    Long distance with battery change

    I'm curious if its possible to ignore the RTH and land at max distance from home, have someone to shut down the Mavic, change the battery, restart the Mavic, then the pilot take off and fly back. (yes I'm board LOL) I'm aware this infringes on the LOS rule, but as one poster said, doesn't...
  4. Sauws

    Mavic Air Controller battery life isn't great?

    Hi guys, I used to flying around with my Phantom 3 and Spark. Now that I have the Mavic Air Combo, I've noticed that the controller barely last 6 fly sessions. And then it takes up over 2 hours of charge time before it's fully charged again. It seems that the controller has way less battery...
  5. Chirp

    How far to let battery go down before bringing it in?

    For example: You are doing a job where you need to get the most out of your three batteries or you may not be able to finish. I am photographing a location from the different cardinal points around the compass to get photos of a central site at different altitudes and I want to finish in one...
  6. TerryJ

    Remote controller battery boost

    If you use the usb port on the bottom of your remote to connect your device. You can connect a battery booster/charger to the micro usb port on the side of the remote controller. It will greatly increase your battery life and number of flights. I use a 5500 mah booster and it allows me to go...
  7. A

    Do you charge your batteries back to 100% for storage?

    I'm aware that the Mavic intelligent batteries will partially discharge themselves after a set amount of days, but I've found that when I'm flying frequently (2 or 3 days a week) they don't ever sit around long enough to discharge down to 65%. My habits have been to store all 3 batteries at...
  8. R

    How to prolong the life of your Batteries.

    Very nice article. You can see why DJI makes certain recommendations. I am now working out a better storage plan based on this articles information. Rob