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battery mod

  1. I

    Increase flight times of AirS, Mav Air2, Mavic2 series. STARTRC sells the easiest to install ribbon adapters to install extra batts safely

    STARTRC for DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom Battery Power Out Connector Battery Adapter: STARTRC for DJI Mavic 2 Battery Power Out Connector Battery Adapter Increa F2S1 194982804715 | eBay Mavic Air 2 and Air2S : STARTRC Battery Power Out Connector Power Adapter for RC DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone | eBay...
  2. I

    New Air2S $30 battery mod giving 35% extra battery life. Lightweight 1800mah 70c Battery Attached - 7-29-2021

    Edit 7-29 - When I bought the Air2S I was dissapointed in it's reduced flight time compared to my old MavAir2. Now I have way more power than the MavAir2. The power increase is almost up to an EVO2's Flight duration or maybe the same. Gives me more time to loiter around and look for better video...
  3. Texas Mavic

    Aircraft side amplification of the TX/RX Stock antenna

    Just got her put back together. Birdside amp mod. Just need to properly mount the amp power source. Probably hook and loop tape. Also I need to use an adhesive to make sure the open cable from the Mavic antenna that is coming out from under the left arm, is impossible to accidentally un attach...