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  1. AeroFlix 4D

    Air 2 Exploring Belgium's Citadel, Castles, and More!

  2. andred

    Mini 2 Durbuy - Belgium In 4K

  3. K-Castello

    Air 2 The Ancestors-Les Ancètres

    On the flank of the Kemmelberg in Dranouter, several menhirs are rising that are part of the artwork "The Ancestors-Les Ancètres". In doing so, the initiators make the past a bit tangible. The structures are woven with willow branches by artist Jean-Louis Muller from Blankenberge with the help...
  4. R

    How much high can I fly my mavic mini in Belgium???

    Hello everyone! I'm from Mexico, but I'm living in Belgium (at least until next October). I bought a Mavic Mini to enjoy all the amazing European views but for that I was doing my research about what can and can't I do with my Mavic Mini. I've found a lot of information about Mavic Mini is...
  5. Sauws

    Drone amateur from Belgium

    Hi all, I'm a drone amateur from Belgium. Happy owner of DJI Phantom 3 standard, DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Air. In my free time I drive around the country to look for awesome dronespots to take pictures, while out of disturbing sight of other people. I love to take panorama shots. Pictures can...
  6. PitsLamp

    Drone returns home without reason

    I think it is since last update I have very strange problems with my drone. I used to fly in the fields surrounding my home in Belgium which is not so far from an airport, but it is only class D airspace according to DJI software. In Belgium I'm allowed to fly on private property to a height of...
  7. D

    Hello from Mechelen, Belgium !

    Hello Mavic-Pilots ! I'm Patrick, living in Mechelen in Belgium (right in between Antwerpen and Brussels. I've been flying with the Phantom One, the F550 and finally the Inspire 1. I also used some other brands, but all of them had one big disadvantage : size and portability. The Mavic Pro...
  8. arachnida

    Take off from Belgium

    Hi, my name is Ivo and I've been flying multirotors for about 10 years now. The Mavic will be my first RTF drone I buy, all other are self build. Most of those quad copters use NAZE32 or similar FC with betaflight FW, but I also have a DJI NAZA 1st gen, Pixhawk and OpenPilot FCs. I'm waiting...