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Mini 2 Durbuy - Belgium In 4K

Don't think we've seen so many cars and people in one place for years android.
Like the subject and how it turned out and wish I had the reversing skill show ca.1:10 or so.
A very nice piece of work.
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I was impressed by the reversing skills of a few motorists too🤣

Nice smooth flying and gimbal panning - suits the subject matter quite nicely. Good work! :)
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Lovely video. Perfect music, good flying. What a town! I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to live in such a fairytale village, especially living in the USA where we have NOTHING even close to that. Is the castle open to visitors or still privately owned/occupied? By the by, you picked the perfect time of year to fly, I assume Fall with all those wonderful colorful trees.
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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback. The church was not open when I was there but I think it was due to corona.
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