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black box

  1. Q

    Mavic Pro lost

    Hello! I lost connection to my drone for a while and it braked and hovered @ 60meters. Battery was at 19% at this point. I was just gonna RTH. This is the last known location in my flightlog. Then i gained connection with the RC but for some reason phone could not get connection so next actions...
  2. A

    Lost my mavic pro need help to find it

    The drone is lost as now, I need the exact final location of it to get it back. The drone was connected and controlled only by the Remote controller when lost. If somebody has the software which helps to get the info from the Black box of the remote control and what I have to do step by step...
  3. Eddy_B

    Complete blackout on screen.

    Well, my 4th flight this year was a bit of an event. I was about 2 minutes into the flight when suddenly my screen went totally black. I've flown about 130 times now and this had never happened before. The Mavic was about 50 meters away from me but behind some trees so I couldn't see it. I...
  4. D

    Downloading mavic pro black box data to imac

    Hi, I am having trouble downloading black box data from my mavic to my iMac (running the latest High Sierra OS) via DJI Assistant 2. The drone and controller are correctly connected to the computer and everything is connecting ok (I have had no trouble downloading firmware updates). However...
  5. J

    Any value in Black Box log files?

    Is there any information of value in the log files created by the Black Box option in DJI Assistant 2? I understand they are encrypted (and appear to be in Chinese). I tried converting one using the dji_ftpd_descrambler program (Releases · MAVProxyUser/DJI_ftpd_aes_unscramble · GitHub) but it...
  6. marklyn

    Black box data from controller or Mavic... is it the same?

    I've noticed that if you connect the Mavic Pro to DJI assistant 2 there is an option to download "black box" data to your computer. I've also noticed that when you connect the controller to DJI Assistant 2 there is also an option there to download black box data. Are they the same or different?