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black swans

  1. John Gowland

    20 sec test 4k 2x opt zoom closest you can get

    4k 2x opt zoom closest you can get M2 Zoom Every species is different but Black Swans seem to be in the middle of breathing life forms, without being distressed at all. Thanks to Ramin Djawadi - The Game of Thrones - Mhysa Last shot without filters, no post, all auto, one clip, one music...
  2. John Gowland

    Is there a difference between 1080 and 4K?

    I took this today at 4K, and it took my Macbook Air a long time with lots of fans and bare bones progs running to process. A lot of effort and time. But is it worth it? I can not see hardly any difference between 1080 and 4K. Now it could be my poor eye sight or my low 1080 monitor, but I can...