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blurry image

  1. G

    Mavic 3 Blurry Images

    Since purchasing my M3P I have noticed that many of my images are blurry even at f4 when zoomed in even at center. All images are at shutter speeds that would eliminate motion blur. Images taken at F2.8 are so bad in the corners some are unusable. I have sent it in and been told by DJI there is...
  2. kcoleman805

    Blurry Spots on Panorama on Mavic Pro

    I love the new Panorama feature available on the Mavic Pro but have noticed sometimes when I take photos with this feature it is blurry in some spots. Please help me figure out my problem. I have attached some photos to show you what I mean.
  3. N

    Blurry issues when it gets cold (Problem/hypothesis/solutions found/other actions/questions)

    Hello everyone, first of all I’m French and I apologize in advance for my English and the vocabulary, I have tried to do my best, secondly I apologize for the long text, I have tried to be as concise as possible while exposing all the details, but I think that the content can be interesting to...
  4. M

    Blurry footage

    Hello guys. I want some help. I made my first footage and i edited it with premiere. I know i have a lot mistakes but its my first. I shared the link in a facebook page for telling me other users better than me theri advises. One guy told me something that i didnt noticed it, at some points i...
  5. D

    Do I have the blurry edges defect on my new Mavic?

    Hi guys, Just bought a Mavic Pro and is really impressed by this small drone. However I have noticed that my photos and videos are not always sharp throughout the whole picture. I have done all the tips the web has to offer: - recalibrate IMU - recalibrate gimbal - always calibrate compass...
  6. Black Sky Films

    Blurry video but in focus stills?

    Just purchased a second Mavic Pro and after doing a few flights I am finding that the video image is "soft" or fuzzy on focus. I have several Inspires,only film and edit in 4k. I use the same Mac Pro with a 30in screen so I can get a good look at the images. The first Mavic is perfect.This one...