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blurry image

  1. kcoleman805

    Blurry Spots on Panorama on Mavic Pro

    I love the new Panorama feature available on the Mavic Pro but have noticed sometimes when I take photos with this feature it is blurry in some spots. Please help me figure out my problem. I have attached some photos to show you what I mean.
  2. N

    Blurry issues when it gets cold (Problem/hypothesis/solutions found/other actions/questions)

    Hello everyone, first of all I’m French and I apologize in advance for my English and the vocabulary, I have tried to do my best, secondly I apologize for the long text, I have tried to be as concise as possible while exposing all the details, but I think that the content can be interesting to...
  3. M

    Blurry footage

    Hello guys. I want some help. I made my first footage and i edited it with premiere. I know i have a lot mistakes but its my first. I shared the link in a facebook page for telling me other users better than me theri advises. One guy told me something that i didnt noticed it, at some points i...
  4. D

    Do I have the blurry edges defect on my new Mavic?

    Hi guys, Just bought a Mavic Pro and is really impressed by this small drone. However I have noticed that my photos and videos are not always sharp throughout the whole picture. I have done all the tips the web has to offer: - recalibrate IMU - recalibrate gimbal - always calibrate compass...
  5. Black Sky Films

    Blurry video but in focus stills?

    Just purchased a second Mavic Pro and after doing a few flights I am finding that the video image is "soft" or fuzzy on focus. I have several Inspires,only film and edit in 4k. I use the same Mac Pro with a 30in screen so I can get a good look at the images. The first Mavic is perfect.This one...