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Do I have the blurry edges defect on my new Mavic?


Aug 30, 2017
Hi guys,

Just bought a Mavic Pro and is really impressed by this small drone. However I have noticed that my photos and videos are not always sharp throughout the whole picture.

I have done all the tips the web has to offer:
- recalibrate IMU
- recalibrate gimbal
- always calibrate compass before takeoff
- etc

I also tried several different settings for the camera, among them this one

I still see that the image is blurry but I would like you guys to help me determine if I should send in the drone for repair or if I have any chance to repair this with settings.

I have attached a photo I took straight down to a flat ground/field with flowers. I used an ND-16-filter. I auto focused mid before taking the pic.

If you look at the photo (at least to me) it is very sharp in the mid region but if you look around the edges it seems blurry, especially in the lower left corner.

Anyone have tips for me what to do with settings etc or do I have to send it in for repairs?
Thank you!

Seems a common problem - mine does it. Im not sure its even worth trying to get it repaired given the horror stories. Ive just got used to cropping a fair chunk from the left hand side.

To see if you have it, take a RAW photo (that excludes sharpening bugs etc) with 100% crops of the edge and centre to compare. No filter to make sure the shutter speed is as high as possible to avoid motion blur.
Update this thread i guess but just to highlight the issue ive got (and others):-

Shows clearly the different in sharpness between the left edge and centre. Right side is fine. I end up cropping about 15% off the left on most photos.sharpness-issue.jpg
Been here, tried absolutely everything, sadly there is NO fix other than replace the camera or the Mavic despite what people will tell you to try regarding firmware, camera rests etc. I just sold mine and brought a new one, lost about $200 difference in the end so cheaper than a new camera module!
I've just given up, i cant get a warranty because i bought it in a different region, i don't want to pay them hundreds of dollars for a new camera and there's no guarantee that one wont have the same defect so i'm basically stuck with it.
Stills i've learned to frame the image with the aim of cropping a good 15% off the left. Videos its not nearly as noticeable as a video has motion blur in anyway. (Although i do video on maybe 1 flight in 5).
Its definitely a quality control issue - most likely the sensor and lens aren't exactly parallel.
That's pretty close to what I have with mine too....but for normal video and shots, it's really only visible if you are critical or pixel peep. It took me a while to find it on the first pic you posted. For me it wasn't worth worrying about. My DLSR even has some slight differences from corner to corner. The problem with returning it is that you could end up with one that's worse - it may even be likely.

This isnt standard lack of edge sharpness as you'll see on an DSLR, its only on one side of the image and extends a good way into it. Admittedly its not that obvious on the above image as there isn't a lot of detail on that side (and the image is shrunk). Its very obvious if there are areas of fine detail - you can see the blur gradually kick in the further left you go. Things like foliage, gravel and textured patterns show it off more. One i did the other days shows it when i went vertical directly above a rugby pitch and looked straight down. The painted lines on the pitch on the left were very obviously less sharp than the others.
As you said its not worth playing the DJI lottery and risk getting a bird with the same fault or something else wrong with it (other than this the mavic is perfect), i just have to remember to frame with the intention of cropping off the side. There's no way the uncropped image would be saleable or even printable on anything A4 or bigger as it'd be obvious.
Video i admit i only see it because i know its there and im looking for it. The motion blur hides it well enough. But i do very little video.
I have the same blurry soft edge issue on the left side of frame on my Mavic Pro Platinum.

As you can see the left side of the frame is way softer than the right side. Could be a misaligned lens center, showing more of the bad part of the lens outer edge.

View the images at 100% zoom or use the links below :
Sample screenshot 1
Sample screenshot 2

Is this bad enough or is common on majority of Mavic's camera?


Anyone with a perfect or near perfect Mavic lens, could you please post your sample shots here with 100% crop of the corners. Or even the bad ones too, curious to see how good or bad it can get. Thanks.
I'm curious also. Mine at the top left extends all the way to almost the center of the image at the top. Middle and right are sharp and clear.
My Mavic also have blurry edge but on the right side. I have send it to DJI but they did't see anything.... Yeah. Offcourse. But as you can see there is focus issue. Right side is blurry but should not be. I've send it back once again. I'm waitnig for reply. But i think it will back to me without repair and I will need to sue them. Anyone else want to do that? In the bigger group we have more chance for compensation.


  • DJI_0027.JPG
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I have the exact same issue - image on the right is blurry. The interesting thing is that right edge is blurry always when I do a center-focus. If I force focus on the right side, then it is sharp, but then the left is blurry even more. I guess there's a flaw in Mavic's lens design. I've contacted DJI, but so far they asked me to clear the lens (even though I showed them, that I had exact same issue on my first flight as well). Any successes on your side?

Look at the trees on the top-right part of this photo. This is one among first 10 I did on my Mavic. This was more than year ago (July 2018).


  • DJI_0019.jpg
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Anyone with a perfect or near perfect Mavic lens, could you please post your sample shots here with 100% crop of the corners. Or even the bad ones too, curious to see how good or bad it can get. Thanks.
By the sounds of it there will not be anyone with a perfect image.
I have put in a support case to DJI
They need to remove the option to be able to take a still photo loosing a third of the image and in some cases both sides of the image in unacceptable.
Very old thread.....but I've had 4 different Mavic Pros in my hands, and none of them have been 100% crisp edge to edge when focused on one area. Some were better than others, but I tested them all by focusing at different points and taking the same pic - ie: focus on upper right, take pic, focus on upper left, take pic, and so on. I learned to live with it by just making sure I was focused on what I wanted in focus, and the rest never came out bad. The cam simply isn't pro quality.

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