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  1. T

    Mavic Air 2 signal problems.

    Hi, I've been browsing the MavicPilots forum with people having bad signal issues with their Mavic Air 2's just like me. Why is DJI not doing anything about it??? Why are they not releasing a firmware to fix it??? I'm very confused. I thought it was just me, but it's not. Thanks.
  2. T

    Mavic Air 2 Booster?

    Hi, Is there any way to add parabolic signal boosters to the Mavic Air 2. I'm getting a very weak signal at around 1km (0.62 miles). With my Mavic 2 Zoom, I was getting over 5km (3 miles) with the parabolic boosters in the same area. Thanks for your help.
  3. D

    Amp Modification decreased signal?

    Hello, I recently got a Mavic Pro and decided to boost it. I did the same thing for my Phantom 3 standard except the P3 also had a 5.8ghz amp. I had a P3 S that would fly farther than most P3 pros so I decided to do the same mod to my Mavic Pro I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed...
  4. Will042082

    Signal booster(s) for 4hawks SR dual band antenna

    I have a Mavic Air with the 4hawks SR antenna installed and would like to add signal boosters. I purchased a RexUAV 2.4ghz booster and a RexUAV 5.8ghz booster. Since this is a dual band antenna and both ports on the 4hawk support 2.4/5.8, do I simply connect 1 to port 1 and the other to port 2...