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  1. Texas Mavic

    8 WATT 2.4ghz AMP/Booster $50 free ship

    Well just as the title says, it’s a very powerful booster. It’s bi directional meaning it works incredibly well on the left Mavic Pro/Platinum and Mavic Air because it matches the transmission and reception of the left antenna. Lots of information and examples of use here on the forum. I just...
  2. D

    Amp Modification decreased signal?

    Hello, I recently got a Mavic Pro and decided to boost it. I did the same thing for my Phantom 3 standard except the P3 also had a 5.8ghz amp. I had a P3 S that would fly farther than most P3 pros so I decided to do the same mod to my Mavic Pro I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed...
  3. Will042082

    Signal booster(s) for 4hawks SR dual band antenna

    I have a Mavic Air with the 4hawks SR antenna installed and would like to add signal boosters. I purchased a RexUAV 2.4ghz booster and a RexUAV 5.8ghz booster. Since this is a dual band antenna and both ports on the 4hawk support 2.4/5.8, do I simply connect 1 to port 1 and the other to port 2...