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  1. Rusty in Bend

    CrystalSky Mavic 2 Bracket Question

    Does anyone know if the DJI "CrystalSky Mavic Pro/Spark Remote Controller Mounting Bracket" ... works and fits correctly on a Mavic-2 controller? My CrystalSky is on the way, and I'd like to use the integrated DJI bracket, but it doesn't specifically say it fits "Mavic 2" (only Pro and Spark)...
  2. G

    AEB and exposure range vs manual

    Ive been doing some testing on this lately and am wondering if ive come across a bug or limitation. Using the AEB mode on DJI Go 4 (Android) there appears to be no way to select the exposure range for the shots. The app seems to do this automatically using some sort of algorithm. Due to the...
  3. Drope

    Mounting Bracket On Belly Of The Mavic

    Hello All: I am looking for a way to mount my Lume Cubes too the Mavic. There are some solutions already which consist off slinging printed material over the top off the battery. What i want to do is remove the torx screws that secure the metal heat sync and mount some kind of bracket there. Any...