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  1. ADMR1985

    Mavic 2 meets Suspension Bridges

    first time filming something like this
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Soaring over Portland - Sunset in the City of Roses

    I filmed this video a few days ago - my first flight in a big city! Thanks to the fact that big cities tend to host large international airports, it's no surprise that it's tricky to find a place to fly a drone. However, there are gaps to found between no fly zones, and that's what I found here...
  3. J

    Best of 2018 drone footage

    This is a Best of 2018 compilation of my aerial footage taken throughout the year. Happy New Year! Enjoy! Music: Resolve by Rob Fleming
  4. J

    High Bridge of Kentucky

  5. Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Aerial Shot of the Massive Skyway Bride in the Horizon! Stay Connected: https://www.facebook.com/Matt-Paul-Aerial-Photographer-2543515392333246
  6. m chaussettes

    New Drone Pilot from Flotsam's Mistake, New Jersey

    I am a new owner of the Mavic 2 Pro and it is my very first drone. I am no stranger to aviation as I hold a private pilots license with Instrument Rating. I am currently working on my Glider Rating. I am also studying for the Part 107. I have worked in photography, film & video most of my...
  7. S

    Flight Around Ben Franklin Bridge

    flew my Mavic Air Around the Benjamin Franklin bridge in Philadelphia
  8. P

    Turbines 4K

    Finally had a chance to fly next to the turbines nearby. Enjoy. Also you'll see the original Stand By Me movie bridge.
  9. MikeC

    Alaska Railroad Image

    One frame from a video this morning. Alaska Railroad by MikeC posted Feb 25, 2017 at 9:51 PM
  10. halley

    Kawaguchi Lake Bridge

    Still not the best season for luscious greens but I rather enjoyed driving around a number of area lakes, scouting for the best views of Mt Fuji. This was stitched from 7 still photos.
  11. CactusJackSlade

    Winter storm snow and flood waters in Northern, CA

    Our most significant storm in like 6 years... lots of high flowing dams and rivers... some places got 10+ feet of snow (but my Scion XB was incapable of getting me there...)