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broken leg

  1. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - broken landing leg, DIY part replacement?

    Hi, guys! I am usually not that impatient but I got my Mavic 2 Pro today. I was sleepy, I was impatient, I was stupid. Bottom line - I crashed it. The result are broken propellers and a broken landing leg on the front right arm. The LED's wires were cut but (I think) the antenna's wire was...
  2. brick

    4 day old M2P ran over by car, incredible repair bill $$$ :(

    So I was out flying around with my 4 day old Mavic 2 Pro and I landed in the parking lot of my work, exactly 25 seconds later as I was reviewing the flight video on my phone a Lexus pulls in and runs over my M2P. Seemingly on purpose by the video... I don't think it was on purpose though, anyhow...
  3. P

    Crashed my Mavic 2 Pro. Need some advice.

    Okay so dumb user error, but I clipped a tree maybe 20 feet high and fell into grass. Message said gimbal overload but once restarted all seemed fine. Then I noticed I bend the front left leg pretty bad. I have DJI care refresh but I dont know if it's worth using for something like this. I can...