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  1. E

    I need a new drone...Bugs gone?

    Hello guys, I didnt know how to name the title of the thread, so I hope it's fine :) I'm Bastian a 32 year old Mavic Air2 wwner from germany, trying to make some money with my droneshots. Now, my girl and me are going to do some cool trips in Europe this year (norway and albania) - the drone...
  2. Augustus

    DJI Fly App acting strange

    Been having issues with DJI fly app. Anybody have this same problem?
  3. markyodo


    Was filming a reservoir last night and the Barn Swallows were swarming near my flight path. It was pretty cool to watch. After about 15 min I brought the Mavic home and it was covered with the left overs of what I think were small black gnats. This must be why there were so many birds in the...