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    Mavic Air 2 - Favrison Charging Power Bank

    Hi all, if you now that Favrison started selling charging cables that could be connected to Mavic Air 2 battery? I have this 25000 mA external charger and it works perfectly with 'Air 1', even charging two batteries at the same time pretty quickly. But DJI made slightly different connector for...
  2. C

    can i fly with large electricity cables

    hello everyone there are large electricity cables 150 meters near my house can i fly over it or under it ? im not living so near
  3. E

    Camera separated from the body

    The camera was separated from the body when it was accidentally dropped. Seems the camera and it's pivots are not damaged, but the two cables and the attaching plastic bracket are broken. Does anyone know if I can purchase the two cables and the plastic mounting bracket? If so, who do I ask...