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camera broken

  1. D

    Mavic Pro camera lens replacement

    Hi All, Saw the attached “lens replacement kit” on eBay. Anyone attempted to use one (for scratched lens)? Generally I thought people replaced the whole camera? If you have done this, how’d it go? Fogging? Cheers, Dave
  2. Rarasmus

    Mavic 2 Pro Camera Flipped After Crash

    I clipped a small tree while flying my Mavic 2 Pro and the drone dropped about four feet onto my driveway. The drone has a few scuffs but the camera flipped 180 degrees and is now facing backwards. (See picture) I have tried to gently force it back into place but don’t want to break it further...
  3. S

    Frustrated user, camera/pcb board problems? - Mavic Pro

    hey, I'm going to make my first post as thorough as possible to avoid and confusion. Left my Mavic Pro on my car, drove it a few miles, went up a hill and saw something fall off the roof. went to go pick up my drone. some scuffs on the body, gimbal cover and lock both fell out, and gimbal got...
  4. G

    Crashed my new Mavic Pro, please help me repair it

    I’ve crashed my Mavic Pro an hour ago. I thought I would never do any damage to it, so I wanted to save the money and I didn’t buy the DJI Care Refresh. Looks like my skills are not as good as I’ve thought... The gimbal plate is bent and broken, flat ribbon is cut. The silver cable and camera...
  5. I

    MP Camera Spares Uk

    I recently bought a refurb MP from the states. To cut a long story short I can't return it and the camera doesn't work. I've had it professionally assessed by DroneDoctor ( great service btw) and the view its the camera sensor. Everything else works fine. As this isn't my main drone , I've...
  6. L

    Diagnosing black camera feed after crash & short circuit

    This is a long story but here it goes. I was flying the mavic pro over a quarry that has water in it. I was actually flying without my phone connected since it had been stolen a couple of days before, but didn't want to miss out on flying at this great place and recording. As I was flying the...
  7. H

    Pretty bad crash... Camera completely detached

    OK, storytime. I was showing off at my friend's house (1.25km from mine, where I was flying from) flying pretty low and hovering some. I hadn't flown in a while, and all my batteries were around 60%, so it was a series of short flights to and from. The last flight, I was hovering for as long as...