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car charger

  1. W

    Litchi and also a car charger question

    Two questions here for the price of one....... Are any Mavic 2 Pro owners using Litchi....just wondering if Litchi works with the new Mavic 2 Pro. I use Litchi all the time with my Mavic Pro 1 but wonder if it works already with the 2 Pro....or will we have to wait for an upgrade of the...
  2. A

    using Mavic's accessories with Spark

    If not DJI then I hope someone else is already working on adapters for using Mavic's chargers (car charger in particular) to charge Spark's batteries. Spark's and Mavic's batteries have same voltage 11.4v. Someone should make a lighter version of the Spark's battery (maybe modify the existing...
  3. kenwae

    Car Charger and other options

    The car charger doesn't work real well; I've read through other posts of those with similar complaints. Perhaps it does have to do with the voltage of the car battery. So, wondering about other options, aside from lugging around a generator. Found this and wondering if anybody has used it or...
  4. Daskid

    Car charger and charging hub dimensions needed

    Hello all! I'm in the process of cutting my pelican case foam (model 1510) and I would like to know the dimensions (L×W×H) of the DJI official car charger and charging hub. Google did not show me anything other than shipping box dimensions. I appreciate the help! Thanks!