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  1. J

    I crashed my Mavic Air after 1 hour

    Hey guys, I'm new to drones and new to this forum. Today I had a bad day due to making a bad decision. With only 1 hour and 30 minutes flight time with my brand new Mavic Air, I tried to get an under a bridge shot. Plenty of clearance and water was flowing slowly, no risk of splashing...
  2. O

    Looking for DJI Care Refresh reviews

    Looking at buying DJI Care Refresh, and am looking for reviews. Is it worth it? Is there a lot of hassle? Do they refuse to repair some things? Mavic manufactured March 17 I fly over lots of water, some of which the mavic would be unrecoverable if it went down.
  3. C

    DJI customer service is a joke

    I sent my drone in to be repaired on April 2nd. On April 17th when I was in the last phase of the repair process I asked that they mail it to a different address which they confirmed both over the phone and via email. By April 19th I went an email asking for the status. On April 21st i got an...
  4. sai

    Maintenance (motors)

    What does everyone do in terms of maintenance? I had a quick search and I couldn't find anything related to motors etc. Do they ever need oiling? I love this piece of hardware and am keen to take good care of it! any advice appreciated.
  5. Flawless

    General Maintenance advice?

    So, I've just received my Mavic and it's fantastic. Going to spend so much time with it! The Fly more combo came with a great little bag, and was wondering if it's safe to keep the rotors on when it's in there? It'll only be for short trips, otherwise I will take the rotors off. Aside from...