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charging battery

  1. K


    Hi recently bought the mini 2 which is brilliant but need a way to recharge batteries on the move and put and about. I have the 3 batteries pack Any ideas, I have looked at power banks but they seem inadequate any ideas on car inverters ? Or any other ideas Many thanks KJ
  2. A

    Best Remote Battery Charging Options Air 2

    I will be off the grid for a week in Alaska soon. Need help finding a solution to charge my batteries from a power bank (Goal Zero or Jackery). Does anyone have a solution? I will not be able to use the wall plug, need a USB C or USB A charging option.
  3. GeraldV

    Battery Care - OK to keep on charger?

    Hi, I have a question regarding battery care which I would like to have some inputs on. Being a Dad of three with limited time to go and fly I often plan to get some flight time so charge up the batteries only to find the trip cancelled due to family, weather, etc. This then results in the...
  4. H

    Battery not charging

    Hi. New to this forum (on the Phantom forum) as I just brought a refurbished Mavic. I have a Phantom 4 Pro + so have some experience with flight, batteries etc. I have searched for the answer to this but can't quite find what I'm looking for. I charged the RC, Mavic and two of the batteries...
  5. seowashdc

    Mavic Pro New Battery - Only LED #1 Flashing During Charge

    I also posted this over at the official DJI forum, but wanted to see if anyone's experienced this: Well, this is curious... I purchased a new DJI Mavic Pro battery earlier today from an authorized DJI retailer. When I opened the box and attached the battery to the DJI Mavic Pro battery...
  6. D

    Understanding the battery

    I bought a magic pro flymore pack (or whatever it’s called) and it has 3 batteries. The manual is not clear on how it operates when charing the batteries; when I plug all 3 in to the charging station, is it supposed to still only charge one at a time? Because it currently is. Also, one of the...
  7. heo3480

    Multi charger - GIVEAWAY, Review & Charge Test

    Mavic Pro 5in1 Multi Charger Review, Charge test & Giveaway This review is also our celebration that we have passed 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support and we want to celebrate this with a giveaway of a brand new Mavic Pro 5in1 multi charger
  8. T

    Fully charged battery? All 4 lights on

    Just a quick question. I have been charging my battery from near dead for the last 3 hours or so, and the 4 lights are on, but they are not blinking at all. They are just staying on. Is the battery fully charged? I've read that when the battery is fully charged, all the lights will be off.