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cinema series

  1. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND Filter Test in Swiss Alps

    Hello All, I received my Polar Pro Cinema Series ND Filters last weekend and put them through their paces in the Alps. Here is the ND 16 filter in bright mid afternoon sunshine filming at 1/60 shutter speed and 30fps in 4K. I will make a full review soon -
  2. heo3480

    Impress your audience with Point of Interest

    I have made this tutorial explaining this cool flight mode. I have included a tip that will help you make even more stunning footage. Impress your audience with awesome footage created by Point of Interest. What way are you using Point of Interest? --
  3. Andrew F

    PolarPro Cinema Vivid installed photo?

    Can someone send me a photo of an installed and properly working PolarPro Cinema Series Vivid Collection filter? I'm just about to return my set as I keep getting the "Gimbal Motor Overloaded" error and the gimbal stops in the 7 o'clock facing down position. I just want to verify that when I...
  4. P

    Testing PolarPro Cinema Series Vivid ND Filters

    I just got the PolarPro Cinema Series - Vivid ND Filters and have to say they make a huge difference in the video quality that I've been getting so far. I've tried the original PolarPro's, Taco-RC, and now these and I think these are my favorites by far. Here is a quick video I shot this...