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city ordinances

  1. B

    Filming Regulations When Flying Part 107

    Hello! I was wondering if there are any kinds of regulations that would prevent me from using footage I captured from my drone commercially. Example: If I filmed a local park and abided by all FAA Regulations and made sure I followed the local ordinances in regards to taking off and landing is...
  2. CanyonRunVideos

    State, County & City laws, ordinances or codes that restrict U.S. airspace legal?

    Hello brother's and sister's Remote Pilots, It seems that there are more and more State, County and City laws, ordinances and codes that are trying to control the airspace of The United States of America! As sUAS pilots we need to know the truth about these state, county and city regulations...
  3. MavicBob

    Pre-empting local regulations

    Hope this topic hasn't been discussed at length, and I just didn't see it... I thought it may be useful to provide some basic info about drones and drone law to elected county and city leaders so they were better prepared to deal with any knee-jerk citizen demands for "drone laws". To that...