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  1. Z

    Cleaning your drone

    How do you clean your drones? I have always maintained and have done the pre-flight checklists and the occasional cloth wipe down on my drones but I've never cleaned them. For example, on one of my drones I have applied a few stickers and I'm considering selling it because it gets less flight...
  2. I

    Keep camera lens clean.. Whats your regime?

    Important part of shoot video, keeping the lens free of greasy fingerprints, rain water etc. Sometimes over looked (guilty). Whats your regime? Cautious on using any "cleaner" because of the lens coating.
  3. markyodo


    Was filming a reservoir last night and the Barn Swallows were swarming near my flight path. It was pretty cool to watch. After about 15 min I brought the Mavic home and it was covered with the left overs of what I think were small black gnats. This must be why there were so many birds in the...