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  1. take a hike

    2 Pro Mesmerizing views from Mt. Ardon

    Practicing my drone flying skills while climbing the 250 meter steep walls of Mt. Ardon. Hope you enjoy !!! CRANK UP THE VOLUME & SET FULL SCREEN
  2. Savon W.

    Zodiac Ridge - Colorado

    Almost two miles of rugged cliffs that connect Red Peak with Mt. Silverthorn. I've been climbing longer than I've been flying so I always appreciate helpful criticism.
  3. Machineur

    Looking for tips about cliff climbing filming

    Hi everybody. I need tips to help me planning my project. Climbing amateur video will help to correct position and best line of the climber. Its a 400 foot cliff. Did somebody here have tips to share? Im a bit scared about wind effect near the rock so it will be done on no wind day only...
  4. B

    Mavic keeps climbing...

    Take off is normal, when reach desired height, Mavic decides it wants to keep climbing. Pull back on throttle and goes into landing mode. Happened on two separate flights, on two different batteries. Have not had any problems since day one and have many flights problem free. This is my first...