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close call

  1. Yaros

    Is that Another Mavic?? Or is it just a bird?

    While watching one of my videos I recorded today, I seen something flying through the right part of the shot, first I thought it is just a bird and ignored it, but after zooming in digitally in Resolve, it might have been another mavic flying through the shot! The things that make me think was...
  2. Patman Droneography

    2 Pro CLOSE Call with Seagulls!

    I want to hear/see your 'close calls'. It may have been 13 degrees F outside, but I WAS SWEATING! Just one little nudge and my M2P would have been lost to the freezing cold waters of Lake Michigan.
  3. cgmaxed

    Air 2s Helicopter flies right across a, and it's close. Please read the description below.

    This drone pilot must have been on his lunch break, when this helicopter crossed his path. Please read the description in the Video's YouTube channel before you have a heart attack over it. Or just read the text, I cut and pasted from the video. Spoiler Alert, "Well you all like to see rare...
  4. VegasDisplays

    Lost Signal-RTH-Close Call

  5. A

    Mavic Hits Power Line - Survives!

    Came across this video. Mavic pro hits a high voltage power line and the blades just get damaged a bit but continues to fly with no problems. Just think, an inch up or down and the thing would of fallen to the river below!
  6. GoodGuy

    Oops - Close Call!

    Close call this morning - and a good reminder to keep my eyes on my drone! Looks like the Mavic is pretty robust though...
  7. Slantnose79

    Bird of Prey - Close Call!

    So, I'm flying this morning and see a couple big birds stalking the MP. Luckily, I was recording. This is a screen shot. So, any bird experts - - what is this? Eagle? Hawk? Vulture?