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  1. M

    Storing drone images to cloud server

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to store my drone image in a cloud server. Can anybody help me in doing it. Any information regarding shooting the drone image and uploading it on the cloud server simultaneously would be of great help. Thank you in advance.
  2. miniflyer

    A Golden Light on the Move

    Here is a short video from yesterday - it was a day of clouds, sun and some windy conditions. The filming started quite well until the gusts decided I had to quit.
  3. Marco Cantieni


    All footage captured with the DJI Mavic Pro on various locations in the Northwest Dolomites. I was surprised what I was able to squeeze out of this tiny camera o_O Tell me what you think
  4. Domaenico

    Above the clouds on a foggy day

    Hi Mavic enthusiasts, this is a short footage I made from the first day flying my Mavic back in December. On ground level you could roughly see like 15 meters but above 60 meters, the world looked different. Looking forward to get your comments. Dom